TRI-BOARD with Carry case

TRI-BOARD at full height of 70" with ballistic nylon carry case is protective tough material and water resistant! Take it anywhere your presentation happens to be: Indoors or Out!



TRI-BOARD at work

3rd leg articulates from the middle/back to complete the tripod for stability.  Telescoping legs provide height adjustment from 27" up to 70"! TALLEST EASEL on the market!





Welcome to TRI-BOARD, THE Premier Portable Magnetic WhiteBoard with the EASEL built into the Frame; all 1 piece; thus our tag-line: " ... its got legs! ... "

There is nothing like it on the market today!


    Size:  36″ wide x 24″ tall (landscape).

    Sturdy, yet lightweight anodized aluminum frame; will              NEVER warp or go skew-wampus. 

    . Telescoping anodized aluminum legs: NO MORE black            aluminum dust on your hands or clothing.  

     . Porcelain-Enamel on steel surface, NO GHOSTING.

     . Single lever cam locks make telescoping legs adjust                  rapidly and smoothly and will NOT release (until you            are ready) thus the word: LOCK!

      Adjustable: desktop or floor 27" up to 70″ tall, or any               height in between.

      . The entire front writing surface is Magnetic.

      Full back of the board is magnetic: Storage Locker:                magnets, magnetic erasers, magnetic markers, all things           magnetic!  

       Ergonomically correct carry handle, Comfort and                        Ease

       THE TALLEST EASEL on the market today. 


If you are a Professional in your Field, this is the "ENABLING TOOL" for you!


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